The Vibe


Diverse. Welcoming. Resilient. That's what comes to mind when I think about Aurora. It's one of the most vast areas of Denver and as a result, I feel like it covers so much ground, literally and figuratively speaking. When you dive into the history of the city, the vibe all starts to make sense because man, has this community been through it over the last 150 years! With up's and down's, booms and crashes, wars and even a crippling drought, the city has a rich heritage that isn't afraid of a little adversity.


Aurora was originally named Fletcher (named after one of its developers) when it was incorporated in 1891. It was renamed Aurora in 1907 but wasn't recognized as its own city until 1928 after they reached a population of more than 2,000 citizens. Guess how many residents Aurora has now? Over 386,000!!!